/James Carville Warns Trump: Your Grifter Campaign Aides Are Lying To You

James Carville Warns Trump: Your Grifter Campaign Aides Are Lying To You

Democratic political consultant James Carville said President Donald Trump is getting fleeced by members of his own campaign who know he’s going to lose reelection but won’t tell him for one simple reason: they’re trying to make money off the campaign. 

“It don’t matter if the Dow is 35,000, he’s not going to win,” Carville said on MSNBC on Wednesday. “He wasn’t going to win when unemployment was 3.5 percent, he’s certainly not going to win now.” 

Carville dismissed Trump’s top campaign aides as a “pack of grifters.” 

“HIs campaign manager’s got two condos, a Ferrari, a yacht, a Range Rover,” he said.  

Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale and his companies collected $38.9 million from the president’s reelection committees between January 2017 and the end of March. Parscale has also amassed all of the properties and vehicles Carville described.

“They’re all just fleecing the campaign,” Carville said, adding that the aides were also lying to Trump about his chances to keep the gravy train rolling. 

“It’s just about making money and they’re going in, they’re giving him fake polls,” he said. “This whole thing is just like a crumbling empire right before your eyes. Everybody is trying to take everything they can get on the way out and they’re trying to prop him up so they all can make money. ”