/Trump Launches New Attack On GOP In Late Night Message To His Supporters

Trump Launches New Attack On GOP In Late Night Message To His Supporters

Former President Donald Trump turned up the heat in his growing feud with the Republican National Committee on Monday night with an email urging his supporters to give their money to him and not the party or other candidates. 

“No more money for RINOS,” Trump wrote, using the nickname for “Republicans in name only,” which has lately come to mean Republicans who don’t support him. “They do nothing but hurt the Republican Party and our great voting base – they will never lead us to Greatness.”

Instead, Trump urged supporters to send donations to his own “Save America PAC” via his personal website. 

Last week, Trump’s attorneys sent the RNC a cease-and-desist notice demanding that it stop using his name in fundraising appeals. He sent similar demands to the National Republican Congressional Committee and the National Republican Senate Committee, according to Politico

The RNC responded on Monday, saying that it plans to keep using Trump’s name and that the First Amendment allows it. 

On Monday, The Washington Post reported that the RNC had decided to move a portion of its April retreat to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. Trump will speak and the committee will pay him and his resort for the event. 

That type of self-serving arrangement had become somewhat standard the Trump era, with his properties collecting some $10.5 million from various political and campaign funds. But now, it seems increasingly clear he wants the money flowing directly to him ― and not to the party. 

The escalating feud between Trump and the Republican Party captured the attention of Twitter users: